Create a Well-Rounded Homeschool Curriculum Using Homeschool Supplements

Does anyone out there think homeschooling is easy? Did any homeschooling families that you know get into homeschooling because they thought it would mean a leisurely life of sleeping in and hanging out? I doubt it. I don’t know anybody that thinks homeschooling is easy, but creating a well-rounded, manageable curriculum for your children can seem almost impossible. Even if you’ve found a great curriculum for your children, no one program can give you EVERYTHING you need. That’s where great supplements come in. has gathered some great online supplements that can help enrich your children’s homeschooling experience. From free web sites to paid online courses, we will continue to add fantastic resources for homeschooling families with kids from preschool to high school.


Free Sites


spelling help for kids Make studying for the weekly spelling test a breeze instead of a chore. Download spelling lists and take your test online! You’ll get a printable certificate with your child’s grade on it that you can keep for your records.

vocabulary games Build your vocabulary skills with fun online games. From Hangmouse (that’s right, we said “mouse”!) to Word Search and Crossword Puzzle, you’ll find hours of skill building fun at


Paid Courses

writing courses for kids Eight week, online teacher-led writing classes for elementary, middle and high school kids. With starter, intermediate and advanced levels Time4Writing can help your child build their writing skills and their confidence.


Language Arts, Math and More Online interactive curriculum for preschool through 8th grade. Language Arts, Math and more for homeschool, supplementary or summer use. This stuff is not fluff. It is real meat and potatoes education that the kids will actually enjoy.

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